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AppliBot - FYI:
If you have not been using the AppliBot, you surely don't know what your missing.
Appli has been created to make application development simple for the developer to create applications.
But, there is a lot to learn and remember because of this feature. My brain is certainly limited in what I can remember. So, I have started using the AppliBot as an assistant to my brain.
You can ask it to help in doing things that you can't remember -
It is Great at providing answers on questions on how to do things and accomplish task.
It has saved me a ton of work trying to remember how to accomplish any number of task.
Example: Ask it how to format text elements or fields to display currency formats with dollar signs.
It answers almost anything that I have tried, so far.
Save your brain for creaativity and let AppliBot help you with Creating your Application!

Creatively Looking Forward,

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