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learning the different elements in Appli

As an early adapter of Appli, I learned Appli by trial and errror. The documentation became secondary as an early adapter and Appli was in it's infancy.
Lesson Learned: I started re-reading the documentation and I found that the tutorials in the documentation provides a lot of valuable information. The tutorials are very infomative, as it should be. Taking the time to utilize the information that is contained has been a valuable asset. Even if you think you are a seasoned veteran. I take some quiet time and i seem to always finsd something that I forgot or just overlooked before. There is a lot to learn in the documentation and the folks at Canela have put in a lot of time developing this informationĀ  - Please read it several time, you might be surprized the information you may learn or re-learn.
Thankyou Appli Devlopers -just great information that many Application developers overlook or take forĀ granted.

Creatively Looking Forward,

Hi Clarence,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on our education content. It is good we are hitting home with the info you find helpful. To complement our written content, we are working on videos that will be freely accessible on YouTube. If you have ideas on content, please post them here. Andre keeps a close eye on this along with the rest of the team.

Also, we are working on our next generation of the Appli Bot.

I want to point out that we have a series of short video content to teach you how to use each element. It covers ideas on how they fit in with your app and data.

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