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Appli version 1.2.13

So, our family took the opportunity to vacation in California to see family and do touristy things.

One of the trip's highlights was working with Hutch on the La Crescenta Independence Day Fireworks show. Two of my sons and I participated in setting up the fireworks. We learned a lot and had a great time. Hutch is an accomplished special effects expert for entertainment and other industries. He uses his LiveCode development skills to support his various projects. Check out Hutch's website to learn more about him

Rejuvenated and full of energy, I am happy to be back with the team working on Appli. We have been working on some extensive features for Appli, and now I can discuss a few with you.

We have a significant time-saving new feature called Form Builder. Open Form Builder by clicking on its icon in the footer of Appli Builder. A window will show three pre-built forms with a fourth option to create your bespoke forms. Selecting a pre-built form will instantly generate a complete form, matching database table, data binding, and relevant buttons. This feature is the initial release, and we have exciting plans to make it even more helpful.

We appreciate you mentioning Appli to your friends and colleagues. Appli Builder has a new and improved onboarding experience that starts when making your account. We want people to be free to jump into Appli as quickly as possible with minimal friction. Our trial tier is easier than ever to get into. We are testing a no-credit card required experience. Appli will guide the new user towards making their first app or using a template to get started. The look and feel have been polished to match the UI of our website.

To support new and experienced users, we are releasing our new tooltip feature, Hover Assist. When you hover over supported parts of Builder, you will see a tooltip that provides more information to get you started. It is still being added system-wide, and not all visual support has been implemented. We decided to get some feedback early while we continued to work on the feature. The hover assist will link to the relevant documentation and provide an image, animated gif, and even a video where appropriate. We expect this feature to help people get started faster.

Did you know you can now manage your windows (low-code editor, variable viewer, data viewer, database manager, bug reporter, etc)? If you have two or more windows open, they can be arranged vertically or horizontally to improve your development experience.

Since Appli fully manages your apps and their organization, we are responsible for providing basic management options. We are happy to announce that you can now copy or move an app between projects. This feature and the ability to delete, rename, and save a project to disk are available from the My Projects screen.

Appli and Daysix did a collaboration project where their professional designers used Appli Builder to design and build an app. They sent us the project when they finished their part. An Appli developer applied the logic and data to the project. It is an excellent example of the two disciplines working together as it would be done in larger studios. We learned a lot from the experience and improved Builder to better meet expectations from a designer's point of view. Kit Lister is the name of the app. The app will be available as a template in a day or two. It is an excellent example of a hybrid storage app where it works offline and syncs data to the cloud when able. Check it out for great ideas on how to do your next app. Like all our templates, feel free to use this template as is or modified for your private and commercial needs.

Our Appli AI support bot, based on OpenAI's ChatGPT, has been getting much use on the website. We brought it into Builder to provide immediate support for your questions. You can ask it how to do something in Appli, which usually gives a solid response. The bot was trained on our growing documentation and website. We noticed that its AI personality developed an annoying vibe, making it sound verbose and caviler with people's questions. We retrained it to be friendly without being silly. These are the early days of this technology. We are watching it carefully to ensure it provides accurate answers that will be helpful and succinct. You will find the icon to engage with the support feature in the footer of Builder.

Our goal to make developing software more approachable to a broader audience is becoming a reality. We have a range of new ways to communicate with us and the community coming. We love reading and responding to your questions on the forums. Our social media presence is lower but slowly growing. We must be everywhere to reach audiences that prefer a particular communication format. Please use the format you are most comfortable with. The links below will take you directly to them. I appreciate your support.

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