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Suggestion: Element Slider

Hello Appli,

I'm guessing you have a bunch of additional Elements in the works.

Just raising my hand in favour of implementing a slider element (as well as more graph types and gauges) in the near term.

Given the inbuild data capabilities of the platform, I envisage Appli as being a nice place to dashboard.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

We are aggressively improving the features of Appli. We have in the works a complete graph element that wraps a popular javascript graphics framework. The current graph element will be replaced by this new version.

We have a slider element in the IDE today. Please let us know if you have any questions about the slider.

-Mark Talluto

Hi Mark,

I maybe being blind but I can't seem to see the slider like the image attached is that possible?

Attached Files Thumbnail(s)

Hi Saber,

Good idea Saber. Here are some of our initial thoughts on the feature. Please let us know if you have other ideas.

Starting features would include:
  1. Color
  2. Sizing of slider handle
  3. Height and Width of full element
  4. Line thickness of element
  5. Line color before handle and after handle
  6. Support gradients as seen in example image
  7. Starting and Ending Values
  8. Numbers and Letters
  9. Snapping of handle via defined increments
  10. Optionally show scale
  11. Scale font size and color
  12. Element can draw vertically and horizontally

Perfect Mark. And the I think we would need access to the values and to be able to set the slider via the low code options as well please.

Just one other feature because I saw it on the radio button option but the ability to use images / icons instead of numbers and text as well?

We will add supporting actions so you can control the slider as expected. The ability to use SVGs as markers is a great idea. I'll add this to our plan.

Good news! The slider element is coming and will be in Appli Builder in today's update.

What do you have to do to get the update? Appli Builder keeps itself current when you start the app. If you are busy working when we update, just restart Appli Builder to get the latest version. Our update tech will do all the work for you.


Since Builder autosaves your work in real-time, you never have to worry about losing your changes.

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