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Appli Invoice (Sample Project)

Hello Mark & Team,

Upon login (I move past the Login screen to the home screen), I then receive a dialog that says "Appli Setup", "Cannot access billing, subscription, or usage information. Failed to locate server.","OK" .

If I click ok, I get a "Loading Apps" dialog that never resolves.

Prior to now I have been able to login.

I love the direction of your project.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

Is your account on the San Francisco region? There was an issue with communicating with the server on that region this morning. It has been restarted and you should be able to log in and use Appli now.

If this was on a different region, what region is your account on?

Hello Linda,

Yes, my server is set to San Francisco.

The service has been restored and I have successfully logged in.

Thank you.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hello again Linda,

The Appli Invoice sample project is great.

I was able to navigate, enter data and produce an invoice.

(Not critical) however after filling the form and clicking view, I did encounter the following error dialog (screenshot attached below).


get_the_product error: "" is not a number

After clicking Ok, the invoice loads as expected (see screenshot attached).


I had populated every field as expected.

Kind regards, Andrew

Hi Andrew,

I'm glad you are enjoying the Invoice sample project.

Thank you for reporting the error dialog. This error dialog is exepcted. Currently the Invoice app uses an API to get the tax rate of the address provided. If you look at the screenshot of your invoice, you can see that the tax is $0.00. Unforutanely this API only works with California addresses; however, we have plans of updating to a tax rate API that will offer a wider range of support.

We also have logic coming to the low-code experience. This will allow us to have more control of cases like these and show error dialogs when appropriate.

Thank you for your patience while we get these things ready. Let me know if you have any questions.

- Efrain

FYI, this issue is now solved with the recently added conditionals to the low-code editor.

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