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Appli Beta Release for 2022-07-01

We are working on a significant update to the low-code features in Appli. For this reason, we did not post any updates for 1.5 weeks. The changes to the low-code editor will temporarily cause your actions for your elements not to work. We are working on an update that will auto-update your actions for you. If you can not wait, you can copy and paste your actions back into an event. Doing so will make the actions work again.

You can now fold your action flows for easier reading. Copy and paste of actions are here. Shift-click your code to highlight your flows and right-click to copy and paste. Did someone say code validation is needed? When your action flow is red, you may have forgotten to complete an action. A green action flow indicates all is good. More events are now available. We are still working on fully supporting some of the new events. 

We revamped the onboarding screens with more consistent visuals that better match the Appli branding. The experience is easier on the eyes and makes more sense as you build projects.

We significantly improved notch and chin support on phones. All you need to do is identify the elements you want to be drawn into a notch zone. For example, the background to your header may draw into the notch area. If your header is a group, select the group and check the box for 'Stretch Y to fill notch' in the property inspector.

We hope you are enjoying the new project support in Appli. You can easily see all your apps in a single project. We expanded the number of devices you can create per project from one to as many as you want. You can make as many phones, tablets, and desktop apps as you see fit in the same project.

The deciding factor usually is your data. If you need different apps to access the same data or subsets of the same data, now you can do it. If you are making software for a client that needs different apps for their business, this feature has you covered.

We added a visual tool for binding your data to your elements. Click on the form element's no-code. The standard table binding feature and a new button to 'Add Key' will be seen. From here, you can bind your keys to your elements.

It is always good catching up with all of you. Have a great weekend, and we will see you next week!

-Mark Talluto

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