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Variables - Low Code

I was doing some testing today and I noticed, under the low code, the variables code. 
That's Cool. I like it!
I guess, I missed it before.

Creatively Looking Forward,

Hi Clarence,

I am glad you like the new variable viewer. We recently added some features like, you can move and resize the window.


I noticed the Zoom feature. it helps with the precise placement of elements.
I am looking forward to more additions (keep them coming).

Creatively Looking Forward,

Yes, the zoom feature is new and a highly anticipated feature internally. I am excited to hear that you are enjoying this feature. More functionality is coming around the zoom feature soon.

We plan to support optionally seeing all of your screens when zooming out. You will be able to group screens with metadata. From there, you can control which screens are visible while zooming.

We think this feature is critical for allowing people on smaller monitors, like laptops, to develop mobile apps. You can edit the screens at all zoom levels.


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