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auto-create form

I know you can already import a CSV file, and automatically create a (data) table from it.

It would be nice to have a simple "wizard-like" way to create an edit/input form for that table; i.e. create an input field+label for each column in the table, just arranged in a single column in the order of the columns. It might be that the user then deletes some of them, and re-arranges them, creates some responsive geometry - but this would be a definite time-saver compared to manually creating then adjusting each field in turn. 
Perhaps allow the user to manually configure one field, and then copy those style characteristics to all the other fields.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the suggestion. I've created an open feature request for this.

Along the lines of improving form generation, we have implemented a new feature that will allow users to visually bind fields to their data. You will find it in the no-code section for the form element.

We plan to release this feature next week.

A form builder is coming...

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