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Input fields with verification

It would be good, and I think very valuable for no/lo code, to be able to specify a type/verification for input fields.

That is, you create a field, and can specify that it is :
 - a date, or time, or date+time
 - a number
 - an integer
 - a Zip (or ZIP+4) code
 - a (US) phone number, or international phone number
 - etc. 
As many of those kind of well-known, often used, 'restricted' field contents as you can. 

And also allow lo-code to create a function handler to handle custom verification. Maybe in some sense this is already possible for lo-code - but this would make it super-simple and integrated with the built-in verification scheme.

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your suggestions. Field validation with specific types is something that we think is important and is something that we definitely want to add. We have a case for this feature open, though it hasn't been scheduled yet.

Your low-code function handling for custom verification seems like a great way to extend the functionality fields, and I'll open a feature request for it.

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