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Naming Conventions for Elements - clarencemartin - 09-15-2022

I'd like to get some feedback from other users on ELement Naming Conventions for Appli Elements.
I use naming conventions for my Appli Projects, including lowercase letters and Camel Case text.
Some examples: vRecordID for variables, lbl*** for label text fields, txt*** for text fields, ele*** for element fields, btn*** for button elements - sample btnReturn, and so forth. I find that using this type of element and field elements makes it easier to identify these elements when using low code objects. I would like to get some feedback from other users on what your thoughts may be on this subject. I realize that we all have preferences but it would be interesting to get some feedback.
Thanks, in advance.

RE: Naming Conventions for Elements - marktalluto - 09-15-2022

It is an interesting topic. I have not developed a naming scheme for the elements I create. As I start to create more apps I may change my mind a develop a system. Your offering seems quite logical and useful.